Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Welcome to Preetha's Kitchen!!


Being a foodie, I was forced to learn cooking when I had to move out of my parent's shelter. Slowly, I started enjoying it and it became more of a hobby, than a necessity. I started experimenting with many cuisines, started learning about different ingredients, spices and their combination.
After my marriage to the biggest foodie of all-time, I got the opportunity to have someone to taste my experimented recipes (Everyone likes their own cooked food, isn’t it?). 

I think every foodie could be an awesome chef, it just requires a little effort, which I think could be easily provided if you are staying out of home for some time and missing the delicacies.

In this blog, I will be sharing recipes which have been tried and tested by me. This blog considers you have no prior experience and knowledge of cooking, shopping for ingredients. Even knowing the names of ingredients are not mandatory to be known to the reader, (pretty much like me, when I had started cooking!!). Everything can be learnt here. 

Read, Cook, Eat and Enjoy!!!


  1. Being a bong myself, it is evident how familiar we r with Pithe n Pathi Saptha, a common confection we r fond of. However, our dedication towards the technology and the long distance away from home has killed it all. Such initiative like this , the making of this luxury treat definitely drew my attention. I am a google person, n I found this blog all of a sudden while peeping through the world of bong dessert. Since I have an interest in cooking various cuisine n dishes from all over the world and to fit in a special purpose to let my Punjabi guy to know the taste of Bengal- I would be trying this recipe over the weekend!!! I welcome more on the list. Thank you for sharing the recipe!!!!

  2. A much appreciated step to help a many what I call NRB who were dying out to have the essence of authentic Bangali food staying long away from home. It goes without mentioning that I am one of them. I was googling ( thats what we all do best) and came across macher paturi recipe by Preetha. Wel it was the room mates were i would use the word taste bound after having it. Now I am a regular reader of this blog... and i proudly declare me as another chef in making. Thank you Preetha

    1. Thank you catchani23...I have started this blog mainly for people staying away from home, as I have gone through the same situations myself. Glad that you liked my recipes. I will soon update other recipes.Would love to get feedback from you!