Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Inviting Guest Writers!!!

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for the overwhelming response shown towards my blog.
It proves that there are many hobby chefs like me. Please note that this blog does not belong to me alone. It belongs to all of us. The goal of the blog is to share the amazing cooking recipes which we either inherited from our ancestors or the ones we "created" by experimenting in the kitchen. Thus, with no further delay I invite all of you chefs out there to share your recipe on this blog so that we can all try your recipes.

PS: Please send me an email at preetha.chatterjee.blog@gmail.com if you are interested and I will add you as a guest writer.

1. It is desirable to follow a particular format as : 
     A short description of the particular dish
     How/What to serve with.

2. You are responsible of the content you write, pictures/videos you upload here. So, it should not violate any right of reproduction.It is advised to use your own captured photos.

Happy Cooking and Happy blogging!

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