Sunday, 19 January 2014

Recipe for Bhetki Mach Paturi or Fish wrapped in Banana Leaf

We all  go through a lot of worrying, a lot of tension. Tension from work, tension from fight with your spouse, tension from kids, for bachelors: tension from girlfriend or boyfriend, tension from not having a boyfriend or girlfriend - It all makes our life a little bit worrisome. If those worries are under a limit, then its fine. But if it crosses the limit, we go haywire. In order to cool off some steam, this is the ideal recipe. The exquisite bong recipe. Fish covered in a leaf--Sounds simple?? Well the taste will blow your mind off if you have never tasted it. For those who have tasted it before, its always a great feeling to cherish that feeling again- isn't it?. The best feature about this dish is that it contains the entire flavour and loses none of it while cooking as its entirely covered during the process. The aroma of the mustard and green chillies, combined with that of bhetki fish cooked slowly along with the sweet scent of basmati rice makes your tastebuds go juicy.


Bhetki Fish Fillet : 8 pieces
Banana Leaves : 10 pieces (its better to have some extra in case 1 or 2 gets damaged) 
Mustard seeds: 4 heaped tbsp
Poppy Seeds (Posto/Khas khas): 5 heaped tbsp
Green chillies : 12 ( 8 of them should be slitted)
Salt: To taste
Coconut Milk: 1 cup
Kasundi: 3 tbsp
Mustard oil : 2 tbsp
Thread for tying


Ground mustard seeds, poppy seeds, 4 green chillies, salt, coconut milk and kasundi in a mixer-grinder to prepare a thick mixture.
Cut each banana leaf in 2 pieces such that each piece is big enough to cover 1 piece of fish.
Grease each leaf piece with mustard oil.
Now dip each piece of fish in the mixture, make sure to put the mixture generously around each piece.
Put the piece of fish in the center of a leaf, add 1 green chilli,wrap it and tie it with a thread. You can use 3-4 rounds of tying to avoid the leaf being opened while cooking.
Repeat the same step for each piece.
Now heat a saucepan and put a little oil to grease the surface.
Place the tied pieces of fishes in the saucepan, cover it with a lid and let it cook in low flame.
After 5-10 minutes turn the pieces upside down so that the other side gets cooked.
You have to be a little patient to make sure the leaves turn brown on all the sides.
The entire cooking has to be in low flame, so that fish gets cooked properly and does not get burned instead.

(The fillet pieces should be boneless)

Served best with steamed rice. Those who are eating it for the first time: Please remove the banana leaf before eating :)

Note: This preparation can also be made with the King of Bengali Fishes-Hilsa.

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